Liberal vs. Conservative - What I Believe!
I will in my lifetime be persecuted for my beliefs. I will no longer sit back quietly. I will not resort to name calling. I will oppose a Republican President when I disagree with him and I will support a Democrat President when I agree with him. I disagree with the possibility that Bush will allow amnesty to illegal immigrants. I believe in the rule of law. I agreed with Clinton on the Elian Gonzolez case - it think it was unfortunate how it had to be handled - but I agreed with the outcome.

A Liberal said this about the impending War with Iraq:
"I'm not saying that Bush is totally wrong, and I am not saying those who oppose him are totally right."
I agree with that:
"I'm not saying Bush is totally right, and I'm not saying that those who oppose him are totally wrong!" However...

I don't lie. I am right more often than I am wrong. I have said before that I and my heroes can never live up to my ideal, and those who oppose my beliefs use that against us. And it's true.