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Welcome to Jim and Wendy's Web Page.

Last Friday Wendy had some news for me,
She drove the van to my work so I could see.
The back seat was all decorated with baby stuff,
There were blankets and toys and that was enough.

To our house, we've been adding a room,
because we planned to add to our family soon.
We decided upon a Noah's Ark decor,
And if you haven't guessed, here's some more...

To Michael Victor or Michaela Frances
(due between November 28, 2000 & December 2, 2000)

Baby Poem
Contributed by Julee & Thomas Knox

33 years ago I was born,
A baby of my own is what I mourn.
Just the other day we got the wonderful news,
When I did another test and this one we can not lose.
So we went to the doctor and he said it was true,
Now all I think about is beautiful little you.
I cry and I cry because I am so happy and my hormones are mixed up,
I take my vitamin and drink my orange juice out of a little sippy cup.
It will be 8 more months until you are here,
I can not wait for the day to hold you to me dear.
My mind is racing and I want to jump for joy,
I want a girl and your daddy wants a boy.
All that we can ask is just for one thing,
That you be happy and healthy and then we will sing.
Sing our hearts out and shout to everyone that will love you,
We finally have our own baby now and dreams do come true.