Another year has gone by, and what changes we have seen?
Lory is gone. Fr. John is gone. Uncles, Grandmas, Dads, & others too!
These people were friends of mine; some from before I was a teen.
Each one of them is a part of who I am. And so are all of you!

And I mean it !!!

Melanie is 12 now and she's in seventh grade at the Middle School. Melanie was on a softball team this past summer. We joined the YMCA and Melanie joined an after school program there. Melanie enjoys singing and reading. Melanie also helps with babysitting Michael and she even does some babysitting for our neighbors.

Brian is in the third grade and he just turned 9 in November. He finished a season of basketball in a program called Upward Basketball - very good program. Brian also did little league baseball where they use a pitching machine for pitching during the game. He is sticking with Cub Scouts and is working towards his Bear badge this year. We won an award again this past year for our entry in the "Feller's Cake Bake". Brian continues to enjoy cartoons like Yu-Gi-Oh and he is very good at drawing characters from these cartoons.

Michael Victor had a birthday in November too and just turned 3. Michael is very good with driving directions of all things. He points out where I work all the time. And on a trip to his doctor appointment, I asked him where I should turn next (it was only 5 minutes away). Michael enjoys singing songs like Rock-a-Bye Baby, our Buddy Song, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, and now Christmas Carols. He enjoys the old jingle from Good & Plenty Candy about Choo-Choo Charlie too. He still throws some tantrums and he is getting into things he shouldn't. We are going through the dreaded potty training now and we all hope that works out fine. He is as finicky an eater as I was when I was a kid. But, we know he'll get over that too.

Wendy is still taking classes at the area university. She has only one more class to complete before she can get her degree. She will actually get her degree from Villa Maria by transferring credits. Wendy & I became Godparents for John & Mary's new daughter, Helen Rose. Wendy chaired the Fall Craft Show at the elementary school again. Wendy tore/stretched a tendon in her foot while playing in a Mother-Daughter softball game against Melanie's team. This was just in time for our Allegany trip.

I'm still the Committee Chairman for our Cub Scout Pack. I won the "Chief Award" for my work with the Pack. Work is still going well for me. They used our system during Operation Iraqi Freedom and it performed flawlessly. We kicked butt! Over the past year I've got hooked on eBay. I've been collecting those old cardboard records that used to come on the back of cereal boxes - Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, The Monkees, etc. I've also been collecting some old Cub Scout items. I need to find my old Pine Wood Derby car and my Order of the Arrow sash. I hope to add more stories to the Best Time site as time permits. I love politics and reading political or history books. Being a computer geek, we finally got with the rest of the crowd and we have high speed internet with our cable company.

We are thankful for all of our friends and family. We wish we could see you all more often.

Wishing you a season filled
with all the special things
that a bright
and Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year brings!

With Love,

Jim & Wendy
Melanie & Brian
Michael Victor

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