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Mary, Jim, Dad, Mom, Joey, Victor - April 1970 in the sun porch in front of our cool plastic curtains
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same as APR1970.JPG
Audrey Mazur and her boyfriend, Joe?, in the front room at 90 Crossman
Audrey Mazur and her boyfriend, Joe?, and Dolly in the front room at 90 Crossman; the silver tree w/ blue ornaments was a staple put up by Auntie Alice & Uncle Eddie - they had a revolving color light set that shined differen colors on to the tree
Xmas69a.JPG =>
Danny & Jimmy - you can see a letter to Santa on the tree
Xmas69b.JPG =>
Danny, Mike, Victor, & Jimmy - you can see the cool Cape Canaveral set that Jimmy got
John, Jimmy, & Mike
Mike, John (w/ a bowling set), Jimmy, Victor, Danny, & Uncle Ted
Jimmy w/ his cool Cape Canaveral set holding a helicopter carrying a rocket capsule; also the orange & yellow robot would walk until it hit a wall and would walk the other direction
Mike, Jimmy, John, Dad, Danny, & Victor
Mike, Danny, Jimmy, & Victor
Danny; that cool tug boat would whistle when you pressed the donut shaped handle at the end of the yellow air line
Dad & Danny
Mom, Jimmy, & Danny - that is from the cool Green Goblin Ghost game
Danny, Mary, Victor, Mike
Mary & Jimmy
Jimmy (holding Tiger), Danny, & Victor
Jimmy, Danny, & Victor (possibly at West Seneca Developmental Center on East & West Road)
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John, Mike, Jimmy, Victor, Mary, Dad - you can see that picture of Joe Mazur's 1st Communion on the fireplace along with the Blessed Mary statue and the statue of the "Infant of Prague?". It looks like Dad might be wearing his blue Teamsters jacket.