JAK Bio - Marsupial Friends Network (1997)

Name: James A. Krzyzanowski
Birthdate: Saturday January 13, 1962
Birthplace: Sister's Hospital - Buffalo, NY
Childhood sports heroes: Jim Shoenfeld (Buffalo Sabres)

Greatest sports moment (as a fan):
Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers comeback from 32 points down to win 41-38 in OT Jan 3rd 1993

Greatest sports moment (as a participant):
I was playing in the Buffalo East Side Touch Football League for the Hard Times Cafe (changed sponsor to Bronx Zoo later) and we were 0 - 9 playing against (I think) Al's Inn who were 9 - 0. We only had 9 players and needed 8 people on the field at a time. We ended up beating the previously undefeated team and much celebration did follow.

Current city / town of residence: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nickname(s): Shiz, Krzyz-Man, Spotted Cuscus

Favorite Buffalo Bill(s) and why:
Steve Tasker because he is an underdog just like the whole Bills team. He's an undersized player with an oversized heart. He reminds me of myself when I went out for the Bishop Turner High School varsity football team and varsity baseball team. No way I should have ever got to play, but I did make both teams.

Favorite sportscaster(s): Van Miller, Chris Berman

Favorite athletes to watch: Don Beebe (always a spectacular catch)

Favorite movies: Lethal Weapon I, II, & III, Halloween I & II

Favorite breakfast cereal:
Count Chocula (original recipe pre-1980, not now) now it's got to be Wheaties.

Favorite ice cream:
My Favorite Ice Cream Brand Black Forest before they changed their recipe, Perry's Death By Chocolate now.

Interesting fact about you:
I took 5 courses of Math in 4 years at Bishop Turner High School (I took two courses senior year) and maintained > 98%; which my younger brother Joe matched 8 years later at Turner/Carroll High School (but he only took one course senior year).

People you most admire and why:
Scott O'Grady - the F-18 Fighter pilot who was shot down over Bosnia. I admire him because of the enormous odds he beat to survive and because he attributed his survival to the One that matters, God! Alan Keyes, Dan Quayle, John Kasich, & Clarence Thomas because of their political and moral beliefs.

Additional Information or comments you would like to share:
I grew up in Buffalo; lived there for 30 years, went to Bishop Turner H.S. ('76-'80) and Niagara University ('80-'84). Lived on the East Side and Cheektowaga. I lived near Schiller Park on the East Side and went to Queen of Peace elementary school. I played in several touch football leagues; especially East Side Touch Football League from around 1980 to 1991.

I worked at Bell Aerospace ('84-'91) and now work at Raytheon (formerly Magnavox, then Hughes - '91-present) as a Software Engineer working on Department of Defense contracts.

I follow the team because Buffalo will always be my HOME, I love Buffalo, and I love the Buffalo Bills.

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