The Best Time Was...


My Buddy - Michael Victor Krzyzanowski! Michael was born Wednesday November 22, 2000. One day, he almost ended up with the nickname "Steak-um". While he was in his bouncy seat on the coffee table, I was backing up trying to see Wendy in the loft to ask if it was OK to give Flutie (our dog) some leftover steak. Not realizing where I was going, I tripped over the coffee table, the steak went flying in the air, and landed right on the seat next to Michael's head. Luckily for all of us, I noticed myself calling him "Buddy" instead. Also around that time, we happened to watch the movie "Bounce" with Gwenyth Paltrow & Ben Affleck. Affleck's character's name was "Buddy" too. And for me, the name stuck.

Having kids, you find yourself watching kid's shows. There's this one show called "P, B, & J Otter". And in every show, the three kids (P, B, & J) end up having to use their heads to solve a problem. They end up singing a song called "The Noodle Dance". It starts off "Noodle, use your Noodle, ... Do the Noodle Dance, etc." So, I made up a song with a similar tune and I called it "The Buddy Dance". It goes:

    "Buddy, you are my Buddy, my little Buddy, let's do the Buddy Dance!"

Whenever Michael hears this, he starts swaying back & forth and moving his arms up & down. He'll even do this while you're holding him in your arms.

Now, whenever I put Michael to bed, I sing to him "The Buddy Dance"! Then I finish it off with "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, sweet dreams, dream about me!" I Love my "Buddy"!

That will ALWAYS be the best time!

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